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Psychophysiological telemetric system Rehacor-

Description and purpose

system for biofeedback and neurofeedback

Psychophysiological telemetric system "Rehacor-T" provides realization of various methods of functional biopotential control from the of biofeedback training procedures library, as the following trainings:

  • by parameters of EEG-signals rhythms;
  • by heart rate;
  • by blood circulation parameters;
  • by GSR with option of electrical and audio stimulation;
  • by skin temperature in two derivations;
  • by EMG mean amplitude;
  • by PPG.

Universal program-controlled polygraphic channels of "Rehacor-T" system are used for record of physiological signals: EEG, EMG, SP, ECG, RHG, GSR, PPG, temperature, respiration parameters and others. Change of body center of gravity coordinates is controlled with stabiloplatform, a number of indices is recorded with additional wireless devices. There is an option of multiparameter control simultaneously with biofeedback training carrying out. Audio fragments and videoimages presentation (indicators for biofeedback training) is carried out with PC multimedia means. Electrical stress influence is carried out with wireless electrostimulator for biofeedback training. PC and system wireless devices are connected with wireless technology "Bluetooth".
Data record onto integrated memory card is also possible.

    Psychophysiological telemetric system "Rehacor-T" is meant for functional biopotential control with biofeedback, software SW "Rehacor" provides:

  • realization of self-regulation skills training;

  • carrying out recreational and rehabilitation procedures on the basis of biofeedback (biofeedback training) to increase the patients resistance to stress factors;

  • non-medicated reactivation of impaired functions;

  • improvement of nervous regulation in various diseases, phobias, pathological conditions and addictions;

  • forming of required psychophysiological state in sportspeople and in people of stressful professions.

    "Rehacor-" system has additional functional options:

  • SW Objective psychological analysis and testing "Egoscop";

  • SW Heart rate variability analysis "HRV";

  • SW Somnological studies "Encephalan-PSG";

  • Videomonitoring synchronized with psychophysiological parameters record by means of videoequipment and SW "Encephalan-Video" kit.